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After a long time my mind finally made this connection…

August 7, 2011 Leave a comment

After using Powershell for a few months now, only just today I stumbled upon this analogy: In New Zealand you’ll find molluscs called Paua. Sitting right here in my bathroom are the remains of one of these – a Paua shell.
Besides the homophony, there is another striking similarity between a Paua shell and Powershell: In their natural state they’re both quite ugly. That’s how a Paua looks like when taken from the ocean:

And like with Powershell, only if you invest some work and do some polishing you’ll get results with a shine:
Paua Shell

But the Paua still has a big advantage over Powershell: It doesn’t take you a long time to get a decent meal out of the former! 🙂

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